Yes, clothes with stamps can be washed in a washing machine. The printed characters and patterns can last for about two years without fading.

The stamp can be printed on many types of materials including cloth, metal, plastic, glass, silica gel, rubber, chemical fiber, wood materials, etc.

Yes, of course. We are pleased to inform you that our product customization support all languages, including special characters, numbers and patterns.

The color of the ink in our clothing stamps is black. Our name stamps for paper use have the ink in the color red, blue and blue & black.

Before using the name stamp, ensure that the surface of the cloth is dry and free of oil and dirt. If you use the stamp on any uneven or shiny surfaces, then it should be avoided being washed within 24 hours.

We suggest not to. We recommend that you first try printing several times on a piece of paper. And make sure the print is sufficient and clear before using it onto your clothing. When using the stamp, remember to press it and hold it for a while.

Yes. The stamp already contains enough ink when it leaves the factory. And it can be used for about 1,000 times. If you would like to have the ink added when it runs out, you can order it at our store.

After it is used, it should be covered with the cap and stored in a cool, dry place to avoid the evaporation of the ink within. Please ensure that the surface of the stamping side is vertical when it is placed.

Since the ink in the stamp is made of environment-friendly material and will not fade easily, it cannot be easily cleaned with water. But you can use alcohol or toilet water to clean it. Please note that only the part with the ink is to be cleaned.

Yes. Our stamps are filled with purely natural and environment-friendly printing oil. So, there will be no concern about any potential impact on children’s health.

No. We accept orders for any quantity of our products.