Children's Personalized Cartoon Name Stamp

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Have your children ever taken someone else’s clothes home by mistake?
Have you ever finished washing a load of clothes but still spent a long time sorting them?
Let them choose their own name stamps. It will be interesting and make your sorting of the clothes much easier.

Why Choose Us

2-year Long-lasting Stamps that are Hard to Fade

The stamps printed can last two years without any fading phenomenon. Clothes with the stamps can be washed in any drum washing machine at will.

Can be Use on Multiple Material Surfaces

This stamp can be used on multiple material surfaces including clothing, metal, plastic, glass, silica gel, rubber, chemical fiber, wood materials, etc.

Can be used for Printing on Curved Surfaces

Breaking the restriction that conventional name stamps can only be used on flat surface, this name stamp can help to apply your imagination on any curved surfaces.

Adopts Imported Safe and Environment-friendly Printing Oil

With the molecules of the printing oil using 360° resin wrapping technology, the stamp printed can get dry quickly.

Latest 3D Laser Engraving Technology

This personalized name stamp adopts the latest 3D laser engraving technology made through 36 processes, which can be used for more than 3000 times.


What Our Clients Say

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Average Сustomer Rating
You will be glad if you get this. Just get it if you are not sure. Wish it came earlier before my spending on stickers that just came off anyway.
Chantelle B.
It arrived sooner than the expected date. The boxes are packed well and the ink used can dry quickly.

Elton Don
I got this stamp for my daughter and it works out well for her. She loves using it here and there..

Russel Drou

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